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this pair of green Nike shoes will be released on the occasion of spring festival. The body of the shoe by Grey Suede snake embossed and build a full mix of style, in addition to the green fluorescent NIKE logo, shoe and the bottom to add a lot of low-key gray highlights. With fluorescent green grey Dunk High have let you feel will let you put it down Spring is in the air.. had never seen in the color match so exquisite Nike Air max 90 on the Air Max 90 Nike, overwhelmed by the introduction of Hyperfuse is the Nike in recent years the continuous development of evolved new Hyperfuse shoe making technology, widely used in Vintage shoes, lightweight, breathable, wear is the characteristics of it, the back the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse the clown Color Dark Knight, black, purple, blue and green, with a new Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse personality, very interesting. At present, this section of color has been purchased in Shelflife, a favorite friend may wish to refer to. 2012-10-8 14:39 upload and download attachments (120.67 KB) 2012-10-8 upload and download attachments at 14:39 (179.11, KB) & nbsp; always blue summer essential color, and Nike SB is unique ingenuity, the signature shoes Dunk High Pro brought the double "clouds" version, speak directly to th Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e comfortable picture of the blue sky and white clouds appear on the canvas upper, combined with white lace, mesh tongue, leather swoosh and echo shoe body blue and white outsole and did not say a foot, light vision has very seductive. At present, this double SB Dunk High Pro Nike has been Flatspot and other designated outlets for sale. (Editor: YOYO)Following the first appearance in Paris fashion week debut, the sports fashion brand Y-3 recently officially announced a new shoe type called Low Kyujo. New shoes in appearance from the traditional basketball shoes and retro running shoes design elements, and the large area of breathable mesh material with chloroprene rubber production uppers, intertwined with uppers of leather decorative collocation, and wavy outsole design, is bound to be launched a new round of upsurge of Y-3. It is reported that this shoe will be officially landed at the end of this year Y-3 global stores, please look forward to! the Argentina leather industry began in sixteenth Century, when the Spanish colonists brought European cattle and tanning techniques. Over the years, the leather industry in Argentina has been an important force in the global leather industry. Argentina has deep kinship with Europe, and its inhabitants of 96%% jordans on sale mens come from europe. The finished leather imported from Europe mainly comes from Argentina. The raw skin of Argentina depends on the temperate climate of Argentina. Its cattle breed is European cattle, with an average annual population of 50 million. Since the majority of slaughtered cattle are two to three year old beef cattle and are mechanically skinned, they have fewer skin defects and superior quality. leather industry is one of the largest and most important industries in animal husbandry and related fields in Argentina. Argentina, as a traditional leather exporting country, has been exporting automobile seat leather since 90s of the last century, and has further confirmed its position as a powerful exporter of leather. Industry knot. Argentina leather industry now consists of 1400 enterprises, of which 200 tanneries, 800 shoe factories, leather products factory 400. Argentina leather in recent years showed a trend of vertical development, leather factory direct production of leather sofas, leather seats, and meat processing step by step to the tanning industry penetration. Argentina leather industry employs about 12 thousand people, of whom the number of tanning professionals accounted for 40%%. the world's fourth largest leather p Retro jordans for sale roducer according to the USDA, Argentina is the world's fourth largest producer of leather. according to the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and Fisheries of Argentina, the total number of cattle raised in Argentina was 52 million 580 thousand, and the slaughter volume accounted for 25%% of the total, 13 million of which were peeled and peeled, and 13 million were sheep. More than 200 large and medium-sized tanneries, concentrated in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, the number of employees is about 12 thousand people; Argentina leather enterprises, 12 leather industry exports accounted for the country's total export volume of 85%%, the rest are facing a domestic market enterprises. exports increased year by year according to the Argentina CICA data show that the Argentina leather industry, the company's top 5 cattle leather export enterprises accounted for 50% of total exports, the top 10 companies accounted for more than 75%, visible monopoly of Argentina leather industry is very strong. Argentina leather export market, the United States ranks first, accounting for 29% of total exports, second) footwear, clothing has always been the traditional industry of Quanzhou, the export tax rebate rate adjustment, the shoe air jordan 11 space jam for sale s are transferred 11%, 2 percentage points lower than before. Quanzhou some export oriented production enterprises have said that in the current appreciation of the renminbi and management costs increased substantially, the impact of the export tax rebate rate reduction is not the other two. But under the circumstances, enterprises have been reduced to the single, but more focus on brand management, through improving the added value of its own brand, to keep exports stable, and to explore overseas brand franchise stores, is also an important measure to deal with the enterprise. effect: the end of the month before snatching off export and in the past, the export tax rebate policy adjustment did not set the transition period, but decided to begin in July 1st, just announced the news in advance, allow enterprises to prepare. Quanzhou export business people said in an interview with reporters, the most direct impact is caused by enterprises grab off exports in this month before the end of this month, total exports will rise, while the second half of the exports may be decreased to some extent. July 1st "policy execution, the enterprise must put some maturity in early July order, for shipment before the end of this month." Malet, deputy g jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black eneral manager Li Tianfu told reporters, however, too many goods, it is impossible, to July 10th before the end of the goods is good. Xu Jingnan, chairman of PEAK, thinks it's only too late to make a few more orders for the fall. "Winter and next spring orders, and some still arrange production, it is estimated that it is too late to export."." He believes that the decrease of the export tax rebate rate, is expected to have a lot of enterprises things, but this policy is not a transition period, so the impact is short-term, is the enterprise is only in time before the implementation of policies, will complete the first export orders, in order to reduce the export tax rebate rate down to loss. "Under this expectation, June will be another high export month in the first half of this year."." survey: negative export growth of post financial report has been very concerned about the Quanzhou export enterprises operating conditions, many business owners told reporters before when he said, increase the pressure of RMB appreciation, management cost, has greatly reduced the profit space of the enterprise. In last year's fair, export-oriented enterprises have adopted the "price" measures to cope with the pressure of RMB appreciation, but 5% - 10 jordans on sale online % of the price space, it is difficult to make up for the pressures faced by enterprises, especially)PUMA join hands with ATMOS to release DISC BLAZE VENUS joint series 2015-10-30 17:12:27 global sports brand PUMA and Japanese famous tide shoe store ATMOS two degree cooperation series. TRINOMIC series DISC BLAZE family classic design inspired by the night sky in the moon outside the shining stars - Venus, giving a strong visual impact and sparks a sense. PUMA DISC BLAZE VENUS series completely retains the 90s outline of the classic shape, the outline of the whole shoe into a vast sky. In this series, the DISC locking system is used to highlight the whole picture of Venus with a brilliant orange hue. Dark blue, all suede shoes, and colorful plastic shoe cages represent the entire galaxy. At the heel, the "PUMA" logo is also decorated with "Crescent" embossed patterns. PUMA DISC BLAZE VENUS series will be on November 7th in Beijing PUMA Sanlitun Black Label store, Shanghai IAPM Black Label store, BEGINS Beijing Drum Tower shop, SOULGOODS Beijing Zhuo exhibition shop, DEAL Shanghai WZK and YOHO online platform limited sale, please look forward to. Nike LeBron 11 EXT "King 's Crown" on the foot appreciate 2014-05-06 22:48:17 last week, the first LeBron buy cheap jordans online 11 EXT officially landed on the shelves of major stores, and this LeBron 11 EXT "King 's Crown" color will also be released in the summer. This network out of the version of the upper foot pictures, shoes with black uppers with metal color foam material, bring a different visual effect.Fewer than 1% of the Nike's signature players are eligible for the exclusive sneakers offered by the brand, and it can be extended to the ten generation. Paul Rodriguez after training has become the talented teenager to a green hand world famous skateboard legend, and Nike SB to build his signature models also officially ushered in the tenth generation. To mark this milestone, Nike also invited Kobe Bryant as a representative of the Nike ten generation signature shoe club, congratulating Rodriguez on this remarkable achievement. 1.jpg (386.55 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 10 officially released Upload 08:51 2017-6-21 nike-sb-p-rod-10-2.jpg (371.66 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 10 officially released Upload 08:51 2017-6-21 nike-sb-p-rod-10-3.jpg (329.12 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 10 officially released Upload 08:51 2017-6-21 nike-sb-p-rod-10-1.jpg cheap foamposites (343.67 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 10 officially released Upload 08:51 2017-6-21 nike-sb-p-rod-10-4.jpg (332.49 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 10 officially released Upload 08:51 2017-6-21 nike-sb-p-rod-10-6.jpg (352.93 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 10 officially released 2017-6-21 08:51 〉Penny Hardaway Air Max Penny's first signature shoe is engraved back, following the previously announced will offer a "Orlando" in October, the Nike Air Max color Penny, this will be the early sale of two new color new, Black Royal Blue / red / white color art no. 685153-001, No. 685153-600. Two new products are now on sale, like friends can pay attention to. BbsImg141115642878155_570_400.jpg (40.32 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Nike, Air, Max, Penny, Upload 08:42 2014-9-20 BbsImg141115642648188_570_425.jpg (42.39 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Nike, Air, Max, Penny, Upload 08:42 2014-9-20 air-jordan-11-space-jam-restock-july-1.jpg (98.64 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 11, Space, Jam, againUpload 07:32 2017-7-20 Jordan before the brand again for Air Jordan 1 Mid is covered jordan 3 katrina 2018 with pure white coat, this shoe body made of white leather crafted, and the flanking Swoosh perforated design and decoration, to imprint Wings with ankle, finally equipped with the same tone outsole has. 1.jpg (318.4 KB, download times: 18) download attachment Air Jordan 1 Mid pure white color 2017-5-1 08:58 uploads Air Jordan 1 Mid 00In 1991, legend No. 23 wore his classic Air Jordan VI to win the first crown of his career. The tinker · Hatfield penned the classic design, create new styles to draw inspiration from the car, to create a design resembling a spoiler heel pulling, and neoprene rubber boots, tongue eyelets easy wear and unique design elements. After twenty-five years, Air, Jordan, VI continue to perform legend, the new design is equipped with black leather structure, and through new perforation design, reflective shoelaces and exquisite white detail, showing attractive charm. item: 384664-020 82cdf63dgw1fb5kpp9frfj21kw0w0apc.jpg (560.28 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Black Cat official launch reminder 2016-12-27 upload at 22:20 AIR-JORDAN-6-RETRO-BLACK-MAIN.jpg (110.26 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Black Cat official launch reminder 2016-12-27 upload at 22:20 AIR-JORDAN- cheap air jordans 6-RETRO-BLACK-PAIR.jpg (65.49 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Black Cat official launch reminder 2016-12-27 upload at 22:20 AIR-JORDAN-6-RETRO-BLACK-TOP.jpg (101.88 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Black Cat official launch reminder 2016-12-27 upload at 22:20 AIR-JORDAN-6-RETRO-BLACK-HEEL.jpg (40.64 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Black Cat official launch reminder 2016-12-27 upload at 22:20 AI0 the provisions of the EU eco label standard amendment disable brominated flame retardant decabromodiphenyl oxide in textiles and mattress. Non governmental organizations and some EU countries are supposed to disable all halogenated flame retardant, which includes the RoHS directive banned decabde. in the standard committee to strengthen the use of biocides control eco label in textiles, only allows the use of biocides directive in Annex 1A to those with "active substances", allowed to be used for a biocide low risk biocide products ". In accordance with the instructions of the Article10 (1), if the active material is CMR kind of material, belong to irritability, bioaccumulation or not easy to be degraded, should be listed in the biocides directive annex 1A. In addition, biocides were allowed for the textile case, also can only be used for Eco label products. the committee also decided to disable PVC on footwear products in current standard (PVC) delete the contents. But the revised standard will also disable disable new toy safety directive in the adjacent benzene two formate -- DBP, BBP and DEHP, these substances were also listed in the REACH regulations authorize priority list. The revised standard will explicitly disable other three kinds of phthalic acid salt two -- DNOP, DINP and DIDP. (Editor: admin)One of the representative [shoes net] as Adidas main push, Lillard this season as in the past well, the pioneers of this season's record surprise. This pair of eyes? Adidas Crazy 8 is specially built for the Blazers Lillard, color, and "0" embroidery. If you can keep it like this, then you'll have your own signature shoes. 8 appreciatd ????????? 3?????Since last year, Adidas Originals ZX was born, Flux has become the most dazzling in the bright younger generation ZX family, both light and breathable shoe body contour, or diversified appearance design, make it become the most photographed summer streets of a shoe. In the latest ZX Flux series of shelves, bring a total of two different colors, one with colorful prints covered with white soles uppers, collocation and create a strong visual effect; while another is based on the white shoe body, through the rainbow prints the same decorative lining and TORSION in bottom part that is a low-key but suck full collocation of accuracy in summer. currently two ZX Flux has been officially on sale, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. (plum shoes editor)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Many consumers like the "overseas purchasing." However, by purchasing goods overseas is really pure foreign goods it? Recently, the City Market Supervisory Authority seized a self-employed illegal export processing uppers, they produced it is that consumers love the "Nike" shoes. In early July, when the city prison bureau hope that law enforcement officers patrol found a working group of the upper self-employed are printed with famous sports brand "Nike" upper logo. "You are a subsidiary of Nike's laboratories do have their license it?" Asked the face of law enforcement officers, the plant responsible for a loss. Law enforcement officers asked in detail about that, the batch of products is a Russian customers through the Internet to the individual processing households ordered, upper semi-finished products to complete the delivery to Russia, and then in Russia, post-reprocessing, final packaging into Russian Local production of "genuine licensed" batches sold around the world. verification by law enforcement officials, the individual processing of households using the "Nike" trademark did not obtain the appropriate authorization certificate. Law enforcement officers on the spot seized 40 pairs of shoes are being processed to help, and a criminal investigation. The investigation, has 3000 pairs of the species of the upper to Russia. Currently the case is still under investigation. City Supervisor Bureau reminds consumers to buy foreign goods, should try to choose strength, attention to the interests of buyers of the mall and have good sales experience, the reputation of the website. At the same time, avoid low-cost trap, because buyers need to pay customs duties, plus the profits of purchasing, overseas purchasing commodity prices should not be lower than the domestic sales price. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;