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this previously exposed to the kind, by Tinker the design to create the air jordan 14 "the Oregon Ducks" PE, just making the 330 pair, as gifts for relatives and friends version, Tinker is also attached to the introduction of a manuscript, thank Adam welliver help in the design process, giving the object is a member of the Oregon Ducks football team, coaches, and Nike some public figures, such as. Source: Carlos Prietounderstand more trend events ~ pay attention to [EYEE be Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e tide], take you into the trend of fashion, Sneaker forefront, more global limited trends, single products waiting for you! there is no doubt that you should never take it easy on stealing. Generally speaking, the thief is the interests of the people, and think of nothing for nothing, mostly toward the "treasure" start, of course, there are some thieves, thieves are caught the opportunity to start, and this will not say more. As for today's back, the main character is not cheap jordans for sale mens the stolen wallet, cell phone and the like, but the latest news: the total value of $1 million of shoes stolen again.....ABC10NEWS8 Losangeles police are seeking clues from the public to help them uncover a theft of $1 million worth of footwear, according to , 11, Losangeles. The in August 6th, in Torrance, California, a mall reported a car full of all kinds of men's and women's shoes container trailer missing, although police found the trailer in two days, but the conta cheap jordans online iner of all the shoes "take wings to itself". although there are no words about the influence of a brand, but you and I also guess which of them are. Most interestingly, the detective was then at a thief's "directions", a company in El, where they recovered nearly $900 thousand of stolen sneakers. but the case hasn't been broken yet, and the law enforcement officers are still looking for clues.....Of course, this is not the first shoes stolen, but the amount of money i cheap jordan shoes for men nvolved was $1 million, and even the container can be easily stolen, it is "turn", "ocean's eleven" in the professional skill of the theft of the team? said, is to profit, besides those "treasure" in the usual sense I did not think now even shoes also indirectly become "money" in the theft of the market (also more than this) can be directly realized. In this case, you may have to worry about your wallet, cell phone, and even your feet. Here we will take inventory of recent Cheap air jordans for sale shoes theft case. 1.Nike Vietnam foundries 1 billion worth of shoes theft isn't 1 billion yuan. It's a Vietnam shield, but it's nearly 300 thousand yuan. At the beginning of last year, Vietnam local news reported that the Vietnamese factory in Nike, Hu Zhiming, had stolen a batch of 1 billion worth of shoes and accessories. then cracked the case, the original four employees in the factory to crime, so audacious in the extreme. The stolen Nike shoes were hidden in their cheap jordans for sale homes for reselling stolen goods, the police raided the residence after they found the stolen goods, hundreds of shoes and a large number of shoe soles (shoelaces.....). Although the subsequent trial stolen shoes whereabouts, we do not know, but if really outflow, it is inevitable to guarantee that the domestic shoes market for them is a good market. recently, the United States media website Undefeated survey SurveyMonkey chose 50 black players in the history of the great Retro jordans for sale est. Public participation in the survey of more than ten thousand people, the list of candidates is 200 people. This is a list of natural selection criteria is not only the athletes in the occupation career achievements, including their inspiration, social influence. In some NBA players, Kobe are not ranked on the name. That let us see who list 1, Duncan ranked 50, nicknamed the "stone", the five time NBA champion Spurs (retired) - Duncan 2, Isiah Thomas ranked 49, nickn Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping amed "the smiling Assassin" Celtics - Thomas 3 David Robinson, ranked 46, 2 time NBA champion Spurs (retired) - David - Robinson 4, Bill Russell ranked 36, nicknamed the "Lord of the rings", he has 11 championship rings, the first black coach Celtics (retired) - Lord of the rings Bill - Russell 5, James ranked 29, he often openly support the black rights movement Knight - James 6, Curitiba, ranked 28, two NBA championship, two NBA regular season MVP, often do com cheap foamposites munity warriors curry 7, Chamberlain ranked 26, the seven NBA scoring (scoring 100), eleven NBA rebounder, or a NBA assists (now deceased) the Lakers (retired) - Chamberlain 8, Julius Erwin ranked 17, nicknamed "Dr. J", 3 titles, 4 times MVP 76 (retired) - Julius - Erwin 9, Shaquille O'neal ranked 16 in the 4 championship, 3 finals MVP Celtics (retired) - Shaquille - O'neal 10, Kareem Abdul Jabbar ranked 13, 6 NBA (gutter) championship, NBA scored the history of the Retro jordans for sale first list the Lakers (retired) - Kareem Abdul Jabbar 11, the magician Johnson ranked 11, the 5 NBA championship, the incumbent president of operation the Lakers (retired) - Magic Johnson 12, Michael Jordan ranked first, nicknamed "the flying man" (Air Jordan), the 6 NBA championship, finals MVP Wizards (third retired) - Michael - Jordan Kobe did not name the list, Kobe grew up in Italy, even in the NBA for a few years, will not be accepted by the black culture, Americans don't see Kobe as a true "black". Poor Kobe The Lakers (retired), the Nike Tennis Classic AC although Nike tennis classi series of change, but in appearance is extremely mimics the design of Nike's first basketball shoes blazer. The binding is recreational feeling full vulcanized rubber bottom. Overwhelmed by the release of two black and white color is selects the high quality leather to create, at present, has been in the UK edition of the first sale, priced at 80 pounds. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!adidas road in function wind also go very strong, reported a few times full function Ultra Boost ATR Mid wind shoes before, the recent new color design of the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Mid "Grey" to meet with you, the new shoes with Ultra Boost 3 unique texture, three stripes with the classic side relief design shows signs of Boost, finally the white bottom and thick Continental outsole. It is reported that shoes will be officially released on October this year. Olive Green Suede suede leather with Horween leather is the New Balance 997 brand new color "Dusty Olive"". full texture, presumably foot effect is not bad, ~

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